1 Month

Hi everyone,

Where has the time gone. I can't believe that I have been on Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) for one month already. The monthly milestones are always huge for folks. My daily routine takes me past a mirror more often than I might like and I see myself often enough that I don't see changes from day to day. By taking monthly pictures and measurements a person can see how far they have really come. I am not posting a picture with this post for a couple of reasons. The first is that there really are no visible changes in the first month. The second reason is out of respect for those who maybe haven't been told about my transition yet. Loved ones should have time to tell family, friends, and coworkers in their own way. But rest assured, soon the monthly progress photos will be coming.

So, if there are no visible changes then what the heck is going on inside Trish? I'm glad you asked that. The pills that I take lower my testosterone level. Meanwhile the patch that I use elevates my estrogen level. These things together will over time cause my body to change. Right now, however the changes that are happening are in the ole noodle. Every hormone in your body has an affect on your brain. adjusting estrogen and testosterone levels has made me feel better, My doctor warned me that in the first couple weeks as I got used to the change I could be "moody". I am fortunate that I didn't feel too much of this. I did notice that maybe my emotions were more vivid. It was almost as if I experienced them at a different level.

By now my skin has had time to change over one time. Your skin changes out once every 28 days on average. over the coming months my skin will continue to soften and tighten. That's about it at this point. Puberty takes time and that doesn't change for a transgender person.

I also had my second round of laser hair removal. The pain was about the same as the first but was certainly bearable. My neck did not break out as badly as the first time. My facial hair is now patchy when it comes in. Over the next treatments my hair will thin and lighten until eventually it stops coming in.

On the work front things have been wonderful. I attended a family day in civilian clothes. At first I was slightly nervous, but that quickly subsided as I was met by accepting friends. As more people saw me they too were accepting. Eventually I felt comfortable, not in being myself, but in my coworkers. The following Monday I came across my commander. I informed him that I would soon be changing my name. Not only was he supportive, but he also offered his support for my transition as a whole.

It's not always easy. Sometimes I have challenges but it's always worth it. These things make me a stronger person. My life is not too different from any other woman. I look forward to sharing more updates in the weeks to come. Thank you for taking this journey with me.



"Nothing is too girly and nothing is too masculine. But I do love color, and maybe that's a little girly - especially pink." Stacy London

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