Paint on the barn

Hi everyone,

This won't be a particularly long post but I wanted to write about s really fun and educational experience I had yesterday. I took a make up class. I have a friend who used to say "you gotta put a little paint on the barn". I always loved that phrase. Learning to put on make up isn't something that just happens. Most women start using make up as teenagers. I imagine they may get some help from family and friends and they get plenty of practice.

For transgender women, often the learning curve starts much later and we have much less support. One of the most common phrases I have heard is "just go to YouTube". That is how I started. Then I went to Pinterest (feel free to check out my boards). For me, wearing make up daily isn't necessarily an option so I get less chances to practice.

The other day a friend told me about a make up class being offered at Dillard's, a department store in the mall. The make up stylists from cosmetics company Bobbi Brown were offering a 2 hour master class. My friends teenage daughters were taking the class. They didn't mind so I decided to tag along. I am so glad I did because I learned a ton.

My stylist helped me to pick out shades of foundation, powder, and everything else. She showed me techniques for applying various products and helped me to learn just how much (or how little) to apply. I learned which brushes to use as well. We went through the entire process from a bare face to a complete look. I watched in the mirror as she applied products to one side of my face and then I did my best to mirror it on the other side. I also watched as the other women taking the class got tips and hints.

When I was all done my face was beautifully made up and I had learned how to apply every product used. I even learned how to do basic contouring. This is a technique that adds dimension to the face. I was particularly excited because I don't yet have the full feminine cheeks that I some day will. By using lighter and darker shading and then blending I was able to give a fuller appearance to my cheek areas.

After the class our stylist gave us a write up of all the products we used. Now Bobbi brown products are not cheap, and I can't say that I will be purchasing many in the future. Having said that, I was very impressed by how the make up went on and the coverage it gave me. There is something to be said for buying quality products.

Classes like this are offered in a number of places. Dillard's department stores offer them but so do Macy's and other stores with a high end make up counter. MAC and Sephora also offer classes or can tell you where such classes are offered. Dillard's also offers classes like smokey eye, winged look and night out looks. Weather you are a trans woman or cisgendered, are new with make up or have been wearing it for years, you will likely learn a lot.



"Nothing is too girly and nothing is too masculine. But I do love color, and maybe that's a little girly - especially pink." Stacy London

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