Trish with friggin lasers aimed at her head

Hi again,

This post will be short but as this is a living diary I wanted to share with you about my first laser hair removal experience. I started looking around a few weeks ago. I looked on groupon and living social for deals. I also looked on Yelp to read reviews. It didn't take me long to learn that laser therapy is a mark it up to mark it down business. Full price for a facial application can run as much as $1500 for 6 treatments, but through deal sites you can find it for significantly less. Reading reviews can also be helpful, but a word of caution. In my experience people only take time to write reviews when they are unhappy. So for every negative review there were probably several satisfied customers.

I spoke with the spa and they told me to shave with a new razor the night before my consultation and treatment. They also asked me to show up with a clean face, no make up. When I showed up I filled out some forms and paid. This particular facility considers the face to be a "large area" and the neck to be a "medium area" so I paid accordingly. From what I have found those are pretty standard designations.

The tech took me back and answered my questions. She told me what I had a,ready read. This treatment would likely not show any results the first couple visits. In speaking with others it seems that 6-9 treatments is the standard to achieve the results you are looking for. I was told I was a "perfect candidate" for laser treatment. I have fair skin and darker hair. Not all skin and hair types can use this treatment as the laser targets the pigment in the hair follicle.

Next it was time for test patches and treatment. They use cold air aimed at you to soothe the skin. It's pretty chilly so next time I may wear long sleeves. She gave me a stress ball to squeeze for the zaps. If your facility doesn't have something like that I suggest bringing one. It helped a lot. They put goggles over my eyes to protect them. It was a little creepy being "blind" for the experience.

And ZAP the first patch. Does it sting? Yes it does, a bit. But to me the pain came with a feeling that I was doing something to aid in transition. I don't speak laser but as she zapped me she checked the laser levels and asked how my pain was. Those two things helped her to set the level. The entire process probably took 15 minutes and then I was done. She had me put on some sun screen for the drive home. If your facility doesn't have any you should bring your own.

They ask you not to shave for 72 hours after the procedure, but with my job the most I could manage was 48. I noticed some redness on my skin I took a picture and sent it to the spa. The manager got back to me right a way and told me that it was called folliculitis. The lay explanation is that the areas of most hair concentration receive the most laser benefit. But that can also mean some irritation. This can be relived with cortisone cream.

We scheduled my next appointment. Many facilities will schedule face appointments 4 weeks apart and body 6 weeks. The place I go does 6 weeks for face and 10 for body. The reason is that your hair goes through different growth stages. They try to schedule the appointments in a way that the most hairs will be in the right growth stage.

So folks, that was it. One of the first physical steps of transition. It was a little painful and a lot rewarding. I look forward to continuing on this journey. The experience was great, and I made sure to leave a positive review on yelp :)



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